Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find “WOODY’S”® Cook-in, Bold ‘n Spicy and Sweet n’ Smoky BBQ and Marinade sauces? How can I help?

If your local grocery store carried “WOODY’S”® in the past we are working diligently to get the product back onto its shelves as quickly as possible. Contact your local grocer to ensure “WOODY’S”® will be carried and contact us with your preferred grocer. We will update our “Where to Buy” page regularly where “WOODY’S”® sauces can be purchased.

How can we contact WOODY’S® Foods?

For general information, suggestions and comments, email us at: or write us at:
Woody’s Foods
PO Box 34477
Reno, NV 89523-9998

Can I purchase “WOODY’S”® Cook-in’, Bold ‘n Spicy and Sweet ‘n Smoky Sauces online?

YES! We have several online retailers that carry “WOODY’S”®. View list of online retailers.

How can I become a retailer or distributor for “WOODY’S”® brand of sauces?

For distributors and retailers, email us at: or write us at:
Woodys Foods
PO Box 34477
Reno, NV 89523-9998

How can I share my favorite “WOODY’S”® recipe and stories?

We are always looking for great “WOODY’S”® stories and recipes. There are many since “WOODY’S”® has been around for generations. We would love to hear from you! Submit your story or recipe.

Is “WOODY’S”® going to carry other products?

Yes! Try our latest creation “Bold ‘n Spicy” finishing sauce! Rich hickory smoke, combined with a touch of pure brown sugar and zesty peppers. It’s bold but not too hot! Look for other flavors soon, because the Woody’s taste kitchen is always busy!

Was there really a person named “Woody”?

Yes! Southwood Bell Morse was born in St. Louis, MO on Jan. 12,1907, and was nicknamed “Woody” as far back as 1929. He sold his first taste of barbecue at Long Beach, CA in 1946, making the world a tastier place ever since. Woody passed in 1978, and we continue to be the guardians of his tasteful legacy.